I first met my now dear friend Vanessa Cantu on the morning of June 25, 2016. She and many others had come to my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona for Rush Club 008 later that night. I had never met another adaptive athlete but little did I know that that morning I would meet so many great people for The Next Objective Workout including Vanessa

Her and the other adaptive athletes welcomed me with open arms and insisted that I joined their team for the workout. What an amazing workout it was and such a great opportunity to learn from others like me and also different from me.

The highlight of my weekend was when I was catching my breath between one of my sets I looked up and saw Vanessa with her chair positioned in front of the assault bike and she was throwing down with just her arms. I had never seen a wheelie get down like that, I mean I have wheel’d friends but we just go shooting together, so to see her get down like that and adapt to every workout was nothing short but inspirational. We hung out later that evening for Rush Club 008 and the next day before she left back home we had dinner with friends.

Since meeting Miss Cantu I have been giving so much information on organizations that are willing to help adaptive athletes like myself such as Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance and the Adaptive Training Foundation, to name a few. She has even inspired me to compete in my first competition at the Working Wounded Games, not to win or be the best, but to be my best. The world needs more people like Vanessa and I intend to be one of them and do all that I can to help create more.

Jeremy Ogle (Brachial Plexus Injury)