Vanessa Cantu is inspiring and empowering not only me but other women whom want to succeed in adaptive Crossfit. Vanessa’s resilient character and love for the sport makes her a true role model for those women whom want to feel strong mentally and physically. Her life’s story is proof that anything can be accomplished if it comes from within the heart.

Marcela Turnage

I met Vanessa March 2016 at my first Working Wounded Competition. I was immediately drawn to her encouraging and fun personality. She is so inclusive and cares for all she meets. Since March, she has become one of my favorite friends. Even with a long distance between us, we make it work, and find time to check in and encourage one another. I got to see her compete in July, and again was in awe of her attitude. Shes a fighter, and has contagious determination. Never taking the easy route, and always pushing others to be their best. I am thankful that our paths crossed and for the friend she is to me.

Noelle Henderson (Cerebral Palsy)

I first met my now dear friend Vanessa Cantu on the morning of June 25, 2016. She and many others had come to my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona for Rush Club 008 later that night. I had never met another adaptive athlete but little did I know that that morning I would meet so many great people for The Next Objective Workout including Vanessa(more…)

Jeremy Ogle (Brachial Plexus Injury)

I have known Vanessa Cantu for almost two years. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in December 2014 I registered for my first adaptive Crossfit competition. I went to the Working Wounded Games in Washington D.C. alone. It was intimidating to be there alone and watch the other athletes compete. Vanessa welcomed me into her group of friends. She made me feel welcome, we exchanged information and our friendship began. (more…)

Ebby Isbill (Multiple Sclerosis)