Let the journey begin

Well, this is something I have been wanting to do for quite some time. I have wanted a site where I can share my story, not just my ups but my downs too. Lessons learned along the way. Lets face it, most of social media depicts a picture that is far from reality. And naturally we begin to compare our lives to others, well when you see this site, I hope there is some aspect of my life that is comparable to yours or someone you know. I have been through and OVERCOME many tragedies in my short 30 years of life and have learned a lot of things along the way. I don’t want someone to be lost for 10 plus years like I was, there is no need for it. Many have questioned how I continue to live a “normal life” despite having a physical disability…hence, “IF YOU CAN, I CAN TOO” So lets talk, lets share our stories, lets educate and help others!


The Agoge Challenge was founded by Aaron Throckmorton who served our country as a Marine for many years. Aaron has found a way to channel his hurt, loss and pain from what he has experienced while on duty in a positive manner. He has done this by doing public speaking on behalf of 22 kill and now his biggest project by creating the Agoge Challenge. He continues to find ways to give back to those who have served or have some sort of physical disability (much like many of the veterans come back with) and plug them into competitions. But its not just a competition, he is proving that we can do more than we think is possible. Learn how to continue to push ourselves to the limit. That is what the Agoge Challenge is, it is a competition put together by a team of combat veterans, healthcare professionals, and strength and endurance coaches from the local community. I will say, this competition was the first one I had competed in since my accident in 1998. It was the best decision I could have ever done, it literally changed my life. At that competition I saw men and women who were amputees or in wheelchairs smiling and so unbelievably strong. It was a group of individuals that I finally felt I wanted to be a part of, I finally embraced the fact that I was disabled and proud to call myself an adaptive athlete. I wanted to always feel what I felt after that competition, such an amazingly positive and inspiring high. Since then, I have been doing Crossfit for about a year now and compete any Crossfit competitions when possible. visit fullcatabolic.com for more info on the Agoge challenge!